Friday, May 29, 2009

My Current 2009 work

Friends and Family... I post these paintings just to share with you what I have been doing with my free time. I generally have every other Friday off due to my work schedule where I work 9 hours each day for two weeks, then I can have one day off. It is a real blessing.

I have been working outdoors as my studio... here is an example of how I work.

This painting was done during the spring on the west side of Pensacola during the week when all the Azaleas and Wisteria came out.

Here is an interesting spot to make a painting. This is a historic Kiln, circa 1940, that was originally set up in Jay, Florida. Now it has been moved to the Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society in Navarre, Florida. My Plein Air Painting group was invited to see the first firing of the kiln, in Navarre. This is a snapshot of the day when all the pottery came out.

Here is an example of my work back in 1989. I was painting quite often and my style was being formed by a fine artist, Jo Bailey. Back around 1990, day to day issues took a toll on me and I stopped painting due to other very important things going on in my life.

Here is a picture I made of a photo from Monet's garden in Giverny. I love the French Impressionists. Their style is expressive, clean and open.

Here is what I am now doing with Plein Air - which means "open air" . I really got out in the "air" the day after hurricane IKE, stormed by Pensacola. Working outdoors can be a challange just trying to keep everything from blowing way... Here are two works that I made that day. I hope you can see the difference in my style now.

I have been trying to make more postings of 2009 work, but whenever I do, I find myself all caught up with the narrative, I become unhappy with my comments and I never get my pictures out. So.... I will just keep on showing you my current work, and let the pictures speak for themselves. I have more work that I have done this season, I hope to get them posted soon.

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Aunt Gladys said...

Your pictures are beautiful, jim! Love Aunt Gladys