Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Sky and the Sea

I have been under a lot of pressure at work the last few months. The result of this negative energy is a reaction of positive energy in my art work. Painting has given me an outlet for emotions that I have never felt before. Plein Air is a style of painting where all the work is done outdoors, and not touched in the studio. Working in this method creates a snapshot of one’s emotional and mental well being on canvas. Each picture is a onetime record of what I see and feel. So where is my head at? Well, according to my work, it has been in the clouds. This following picture was painted in September notice the cloud study.

The picture is called: Morning on the Bayou

The next picture was painted the Friday morning, after all the pressure at work was done. I had an explosion of paint on the picture. It looks like it all ended up in the sky. The original is big canvas 16” x 20” (from a Plein Air point of view). The colors and paint movement just flowed out of me. Whatever the zone is, I was in it, that morning.

The picture is called: The Gatherings of the Storm  

Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I like spending time on the beach after the summer is over and it cools off. During the last week of October, Liza and I were able to rent a Condo in Gulf Shores Alabama. We had a wonderful time of just relaxing and enjoying the beach. Of course I brought my paints. The following set of pictures was painted on location.

Gulf Shores Sunset 1:

Gulf Shores Sunset 2:

Gulf Shores Sunset 3:

This last painting was a featured on PLEIN AIR ARTISTS with nice comments from fellow painters. :)

Finally here is a photo of the Old Man by the Sea:


Marian Fortunati said...

So did you quit painting .... or are you just taking a break from blogging???
Would love to see more artwork!! Happy New Year!

Jim Kiesling said...
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Jim Kiesling said...

Thank you for your concern. I have been under the weather both in environment and body. The weather has been very cold, overcast and stormy in the Pensacola area this season. During the Christmas Holidays, I have also been fighting the flu and other ailments. However I have not been neglecting my painting. While sick at home, I found the web site of a British artist, Jon Hall at this site address: (I hope Jon don’t mind that I post it)
His work so impressed me that, that I bought a bunch of acrylics and large canvases (20x16) and tired his method Plein Air Painting. Watching his web video, his style is large, free and open. He even has visitors who come by to look at his work to join in and add their touch to his work. Check out his work on youTube at
During the some time off from work, I went out and painted three times, but due to the size of the canvas I never really finished a given work. Also when I went out doors too early, I got sick again. So I have been spending a lot of time reading, thinking, and praying. I guess that God has a way to slow us down, and to regroup. I hope to have some work to post on my blog soon. Thanks again and God Bless.